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A couple of points for consideration...

1) Currently such a list does not exist. OR at least exist in a complete form. What better excuse to create one than the "request of a friendly government"?

What the translation says to me is that the Mex govt is asking our govt to create such a list, so that, when they recover a gun used in a crime in Mexico, the US govt can give them the name and address of the original owner. All in the course of a valid criminal investigation, of course.

That being the case, I'm sure that if it came to pass, that is how it would start out. But, once the list is created, what is to stop someone in our govt, officially or otherwise, from making the entire list available to the Mexican govt?

2) Once the Mexican govt has such a list, does anyone NOT think it will wind up in the hands of the cartels?

Rather a slick deal, having the US govt create a list for you, of homes to avoid, or to target?!!!

Kind of makes me wonder if the cartels aren't behind the whole idea in the first place.....
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