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Colt 6920 or BCM MOD 2

Hi, really want an AR-15/M4 but I am stuck on two choices

BCM MOD 2, I really like the setup, downside does not have a carry handle. Does anyone know what the sights are on these vs the Colt 6920? I like to know which would be better. They use a TROY drop in 7" rail. Would want to buy a carry handle. $1,250ish

Colt LE6920 model 556/223, has a carry handle, no idea how the sights work when its removed/compared to BCM MOD 2's sights. Plain rails, which I would buy a TROL drop in 7" in the future. $1,150ish I remember when the President got into office these were like $1499.99

Both would need a bipod, and forgrip added.

I don't know how far a iron sights on a M4 would go, I guess around 100-200m?
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