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I've bought two, and sold two. They are fantastic, but ultimately I settled on the S&W line as shooters. They had a much broader product line and more reasonable prices. A fellow could get multiple revolvers in an array of calibers all of the same pattern. That was much harder to do with Colt, and a lot more expensive.

As I recall my first 6" was $350 in 1980-1981. The second was more interesting. I walked into a chain sporting goods store in 1992, and sitting in the case was an 8" Python Target in .38 Spl which was a single run that they did in 198...7?

It had been sitting in the case for years. The box was shredded from being put in the safe every night and the Styrofoam liner was a mess. It still had the original price on it. $550.

That was the most accurate revolver I've ever shot. It shot like a rifle. But then it should, as it weighed about the same as a rifle (or so it seemed). It was just too heavy, even in my younger years, to do any extended off-hand shooting with.

Bear in mind that at the time, you could buy target K-frames for half to three-quarters the price of a Python. After decades of trigger time with S&W's I have no desire for one any longer.
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