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Originally Posted by 603Country View Post
I have a Python that I bought in the early 80’s for about $360. It’s a 4 inch Nickel model. I assume, from the slight wear pattern, that was a cop’s gun. In and out of a holster. Wonderful single action trigger pull and a long but very smooth DA pull. What I don’t know is whether not it was ever ‘smoothed’ by a gunsmith..
They left the factory that way. It's the bent teardrop shape of the sear that makes the difference and results in a long transition for the compression for the spring. The very old S&W revolvers had a similar sear and the Korth revolvers use a roller to achieve the same results. S&W can be smoothed out but there's only so much you can do with MIM parts (surface hardened and if remove the hardened surface, wear accelerates).

Great picture MuzzleBlasts.
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