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Using NYPD as a yardstick, reference handguns is a joke!

The stupid bosses (Non-Police) were told safety is a 12lb trigger. My early days in IPSC had me shooting a 1913 Colt 45 1911. Accurised by Al Dinan.

It had a perfect, crisp, 3 lb release. The most accurate Pistol I had ever owned, or shot.

Expecting a young Police Officer (Female) or small Male, slender, not a Tarzan like build, to accurately hit with a 12lb Glock trigger, under the stress of an armed encounter, is a stretch.

The factory trigger at around 5 and a half pounds, is good.

Both eyes open, with good night sights, it is easier to register good hits.

A mod. 65 S&W Revolver, carrying .38 Special Semi-Wadcutter lead hollow points. Good Revolver, good ammo. Good combo. But that era has gone.
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