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maybe not necessary to say, but my shooting began with a single shot bb gun, my first pistol was a single shot bb gun, my first real gun was a semiauto ruger, and after that, I became proficient with a smith k frame.

I can shoot my revolver as well as my glock, and I feel that I work with my glock far better than I would if I had never learned how to shoot DA.

There's the rhythm and feeling and follow through that come with a revolver that you learn, and it can be ported into a semiauto.

I don't do well at all with rapid fire when I start reaching for speed, I'm still working on the last shot when I have to fire the next, if that makes sense.

Slowing down a hair allows the entire neural system to reset to base and you are firing from the same condition as you did with the first round.

The guys who have mastered speed and accuracy have just trained themselves to the point that they are running on high speed neural processing, and to a certain extent, bypassing it with muscle memory. Not everyone can do that, I sure can't. I don't consider myself fast, but I am quick. Years ago, I realized that my biggest problem was that I got the gun on target slowly, bobbing back and forth to find it. I taught myself that the tenth of a second saved getting the gun out of the holster and up at high speed cost me at least a second or two getting it zoned in where it belonged.
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