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I have two full sized 40 guns: a p226 and an M&P 40

I also have 357 SIG barrels for both of them so that adds a little value IMO.

If I could only have one and I was buying today I would flip a coin, they are both excellent weapon systems. It's really whether I feel like a striker or a DA/SA at the time.

The new M&P 2.0 40 would likely be my choice for you. It's a soft shooting gun and I have thousands of high power reloads through mine (mines a 1.0) without ever a single issue with the gun. You can't beat the 15 round capacity and very few guns in it's class can match that. (The glock does but...) Also magazines are steel, which I prefer over plastic glock mags, and they are available cheaply and widely.
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