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Originally Posted by Nanuk View Post
How many gunfights you been in?

Sorry, but I see it every day. The hot new auto guy can't shoot, just dumps rounds into the air around the target and tries to look as cool as can be.

The revolver people just shoot better. They come from a generation where they made every shot count and didn't rely on a bucket o' bullets under the gun. Today we have cops that simply cannot shoot and instead dump the guns into innocent citizens on accident, happens all the time in New York.

Add the low reliability of any auto compared to a wheelgun and you quickly see which is the better fightsman's piece. Elmer Keith wrote the wheelgun is king of the fight, the auto is not suited for combat.

Any old cantankerous today with a trusted .38 or .357 is a worse foe to face than any young whippersnapper with his new wonder 9 Block. Get over it, face the facts, revolvers are better than autos and they always have been and always will be.

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