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Amen to the cheap police trade-in 40 caliber pistols!

My Glock 22 gently used with box and two mags was $280.

My Beretta PX40, a bit scratched up but perfectly functional, was something like $179.

The best was my Beretta 96. Some site was selling a bunch of police trade-in 96's. One was an American DAO slide on top of a DA/SA Italian frame. Apparently everyone was afraid of it. I won it for a $149 bid. It's a great-shooting pistol with no annoying safety or decocker. The trigger is fantastic.

My FiL got a couple of nice police trade-in 40 calibers for super cheap also. His Glock inspired me to find one for myself, and he is extremely happy with his Springfield. I don't recall the exact prices, but they were both inexpensive and barely worn.
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