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Originally Posted by K_Mac View Post
I completely agree that well placed rounds are the goal for the cop or civilian since that is what stops the fight. What I don't agree with is that all the older officers carrying revolvers were able to do it more effectively than the newer ones carrying semi-automatics. I also don't think being able to shoot out the X at the range is the measure of how proficient a police officer or anyone else is at surviving a gunfight.

I know it is easy to remember fondly the old days when men were men, cops didn't talk much about tactics or capacity, and everyone who carried a gun was a great shot. I'm not sure that was any more true then than now. I know a bunch of cops. Most are older guys like me, but in my experience the youngsters are as committed to excellence as the rest. This idea that cops can't shoot isn't my experience. Them carrying high capacity pistols and a couple of reloads gives them a better chance of survival on the street and makes the community safer. Revolvers have their place, but no longer as service weapons.
While some of what you say is true, still hard to beat the incredible reliability of the revolver.

The old saying goes I'd rather have 6 for sure instead of 15 made sense then and still makes sense today.
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