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You see I'm a part of an Indian armed force medical service and .357 is the standard police round here. I don't like .357 for that reason.

I'm considering .44mag or .460v s&w(seems to be versatile with 3 ammo choices).

We usually travel with 6 men armed with AK 47 or INSAS rifle(a crap 5.6mm Indian made rifle). We have to go to mostly tribal areas full of insurgents(mostly armed with stolen .303 lee enfield british rifles previously used by our police dept,and 7mm mausers) plus we have trouble with elephants ,leopards and tigers. We do wear class 4 body armour but once for some reason we got split (got charged by a leopard protecting cubs ) i was left out unarmed! Thats a scary situation but that day no one got hurt luckily. I dont want to repeat that! And I don't like to carry heavy rifles because all this happens once in a year or so but i have to walk around 20 km every month with it in jungle terrain!

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