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I used the link, but the story is no longer there. There is a story (with video) about a police officer shooting his partner in the back while searching for a fugitive....

"I forgot it was there"...
I'd say the Father's "forgetfulness" is certainly grounds to revoke any handgun permit he might have, probably sufficient cause for criminal charges, some level of reckless endangerment, I would think.

I am sure the father never thought this would or could happen.
I'm sure he never did, either. That's what he forgot! Like some others here, I doubt the Father actually forgot the pistol was there. I think "I forgot it was there.." is the first thing that came out of his mouth for an explanation. Like "I didn't know it was loaded" and "It went off when I was cleaning it", its an automatic protestation of innocence that often isn't quite square with reality.

What he forgot was the risk of leaving a loaded gun, unattended and unsecured "for a few days"!!

Loaded pistol, round in the chamber in the pouch behind the front passenger seat. Put there "a few days earlier" when Dad is cleaning the car???


I don't know the exact pistol involved, but I doubt it was a cocked & locked (or hammer down) 1911A1. The 1911 design doesn't make accidental discharge entirely impossible (and 5yr olds are capable of some amazing things) but it does require more things to happen at the same time than a different design, such as the Glock.

So, loaded pistol, round chambered, safety off (or no safety), not just unsecured, but within easy reach in a place where it was known a child was going to be.

I wonder how many times Mom, Dad, (or anyone else?) got in and out of that vehicle in the "few days" between Dad putting the pistol there, and the accident happening?
Civil law can punish him with fines and jail time. (plus the costs of the legal system), and that MAY teach him the needed lesson well enough. Every time he sees his son for the rest of his life will remind him as well.

Is that enough? The petty, spiteful Drill Sargent part of me would have him in full battle rattle, pack loaded with 40-50lbs of sand, holding the EMPTY pistol above his head with both hands, double-timing around the parade ground shouting "I FORGOT IT WAS THERE" from dawn to dusk, the process repeating for a few days, THEN having him face legal charges.

I know our legal system won't allow that to be done to a civilian, but I can't help but think it would be a "teaching moment", and a first step in the process of paying for his "forgetfulness".
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