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Kinda makes you wonder why this 12 year old zombie thread hasn't been moved to the reloading or hunting forum. But I guess Hube458l drags it up about once every month to keep the corpse alive.
This thread is a living legend man! I mean, what is more epic than someone who wildcats sawed-off and modified BMG cases, stuffs Civil War minie balls into them, and then rockets them out at 3400 feet/second? And then does that on a repeated basis, with different calibers and different guns?

I wish my accomplishments in the shooting sports are even remotely close to what this man has done. He is on the same level as Elmer Keith and Ed McGivern. Possibly higher too. It took me a day and a half to absorb the contents of this entire thread and I think he has revolutionized the world of rifles. And in one of the pages he mentioned that he is suffering from an illness at the moment so I wish him the best and a speedy recovery. As long as he keeps shooting and experimenting with his cartridges, he is going to be happy, and in Chinese medicine, what do they say? Happiness is the key to long term health and survival.

So I wish Hubel, and his epic thread and projects, long life!
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