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My $.02. I still won't store any of my defensive guns in a safe with an electronic or biometric lock.

The safes that use the "Simplex" mechanical push-button lock start at 14GA steel as the lightest and go all the way up to 7GA (FAS1 Safe) the heaviest available. These boxes are stronger than most electronic ones and the lock has a 60+ year track record of reliability, durability, and being as quick to access as any other means, even in complete darkness. Another benefit is in the unlikely event that you have a lock failure or you wear one out in your life time, you can simply buy a new lock and replace it. NONE of the electronic ones have any replacement parts available. They are all throw-aways when, not if something breaks.

Buy a good quality heavy steel mechanical handgun safe and bolt it to something solid. Be sure and consider where and how you want to mount it because most only work correctly in one orientation (like the door opening up). The one I linked above can be mounted in any orientation and the gas assisted door will open on it's own and hold the door open in any orientation to present your holstered (trigger covered) gun safely to you in the exact same place every time. All models will hold at least two handguns.

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