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If you've determined it is an immediate life or death situation, you do what you can do to try to survive. Assuming you punctured your assailant's heart, you're looking at anywhere between 10 to 15 seconds for that individual to become incapacitated. A lot more can happen in 10 to 15 seconds so you keep fighting, shooting, stabbing, begging or whatever until the threat has been stopped. Main brain housing hits are pretty much instantaneous assuming you actually put one through the individual's brain and didn't just puncture a jaw or whatever. Obviously accuracy is very important in a situation that doesn't lend itself well to accuracy.

On the written confessions of Charles Askins, I'm of the opinion he probably should have been imprisoned and/or hung assuming conviction by a jury of his peers. Keep in mind that back then like now, things are not always so cut and dry regardless of the evidence gathered. For example, read about the "Herrin Massacre" in Williamson County in 1922. My maternal grandfather was a Herrin Police officer at the time and my maternal great grandfather was a deputy sheriff. Twenty to twenty three non-union coal miners were murdered heinously by pro-union supporters after surrendering as they were paraded from their work site and through town with around a thousand pro union lookiloos and participants. My later to become paternal grandparents were union supporters and would probably have assisted in slashing the throats of my maternal relatives had they attempted to intervene. Plenty of witnesses, plenty of evidence, but no convictions.
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