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The English had the Prisoners of War, sused out. I was born in 1935, so many huge American Soldiers, with shiny big boots, populated my Dad's Pub. I walked amongst them. Till one day, they all were gone.

We had Italian Prisoners of War, in coveralls, with POW on the back. They worked on farms, were allowed to roam more or less free.

One who spoke good English, an Officer? Told my Dad why they surrendered.
"Bill, we Italians are Lovers, not Fighters," said in jest? Who knows.
Some stayed after the War.

But the Germans were not allowed to leave the Camp, armed guards kept them in. Because they were Fighters! And would most likely head home if they escaped.

When I was in Germany, for my National Service, 2 years. I visited a Concentration Camp "Bielefeld" it had ovens were bodies were burned.
Something I saw that only turned my guts later.

The locking latches on the ovens were cast metal. Polished by the constant opening and closing.
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