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I've read a lot of things that I never expected to see.

No degreed professionals have posted here regarding askins and his character. I'm qualified to make a few statements.

Askins murdered the soldier. The conditions and circumstances would be considered aggravating by the courts. He backshot a prisoner in the kidneys, intending a lingering and painful death, when he was fully capable of a headshot. He did that for no purpose than to stop the guy from damaging captured equipment. It must be noted that he mentions nothing significant about the guy, but he described his own gun.

Nothing changes what he did, nothing justifies it, no number of excuses history makes can change that it was wrong.

Those few words are enough to know a lot. He didn't just kill.

Look at the comments about race. Killing whites, including Nazis and criminals was recorded, but not minorities?

Askins demonstrated numerous signs of sociopathic mental illness. He demonstrated signs of psychosis. There is plenty of evidence in his writings. He was used as a killer, assassin by his superior officers. He relished killing, men, women, animals, no difference.

Don't bother saying that lots of people do the same thing. Many of those same people are also sociopathic,many are genuinely psychotic as well.

I am truly glad that I've never met him or anyone that fits his qualifications.
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