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...he is not working on something...
This person was obviously working on something and Askins could clearly tell that was what was going on based on his account.
I am sure if someone at Gitmo was found with a hammer anywhere besides a heavily guarded shop class he is going to be smacked on the noggin none too gently with the butt of a M4 and dragged off to interrogation about why and where he got the hammer.
The German POWs were actually being allowed to drive vehicles, this wasn't the remotely the same situation as a maximum security detention center.
... lets say Askins was telling the truth and he was probably alone dealing with a group of highly excitable and dangerous inmates.
"Highly excitable and dangerous inmates" being allowed to pilot multi-ton deadly weapons? I would have to say that sounds more creative than accurate.

His account gives no indications at all that he was concerned for his own safety. After shooting the man from cover, he simply walked away from a number of these "highly excitable and dangerous inmates" who were still "armed" with the hammer--and, I suppose, the vehicles that they had just driven into the area.
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