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1. Ok, I have just taken the time to look through all the pictures in his autobiography. Based on cursory comparisons, Askins appears to be taller than, or as tall as the other men in featured in the pictures. There does not seem to be any merit to your claim that "he wasn't very big". But that's not really relevant. Askins doesn't say the German was bigger or stronger than himself--the adjectives "big, burly" (there was no mention of strength whatsoever) were provided without any information that would allow comparison. And, again, we're getting back to this idea that you are working hard to parse the account for every possible bit of information that might support your argument while at the same time making the point that it could be inaccurate and maybe none of it even happened. Which is a ridiculous argument.

2. I've answered your arguments with far more care than they deserve based on merit.

3. Correctly pointing out that you are BEING ridiculous in your arguments is not saying that you ARE ridiculous. It is not a personal attack, it is an accurate critique of your deportment in this debate.
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