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So if a man is 7 yards away with a hammer, a larger, stronger man, that's a safe distance? Is that what you wrote?

"4. A contact weapon poses no threat to anyone if the person who has it is too far away to use it. A contact weapon poses no threat to anyone unless the person who has it is threatening someone with it."

I disagree. Ever see Surviving Edged Weapons, the 80's LEO film? Old, but well worth viewing. Knife or blunt instrument... 21 feet isn't "too far away to use it". Quite the contrary. And remember, often, the weapon is not obviously a "weapon", hidden from view or not held in a threatening manner... until it is deployed as such.
You're being ridiculous.

1. You know nothing about the relative size and strength of Askins and the POW that would allow you to state with any accuracy that the POW was larger and stronger.

2. You don't know that the two were 7 yards apart.

3. The hammer is not a weapon until there is some obvious intent to use it as a weapon and there is the means to do so. Otherwise people could go around shooting any roofers or carpenters they see.

But that's not what makes your arguments ridiculous.

On the one hand you're parsing the account for detailed information and claiming with a certainty just how far they were apart, who was larger, who was stronger, what the German's war history was, etc., and on the other hand you're suggesting that the whole account could be inaccurate and may not have even happened because you don't trust writers.

You need to pick one approach or the other if you want to be taken seriously--or, alternatively, you could just admit that your only goal is to win the argument and that the facts don't really matter to you at all.
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