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Thats a pretty deep rabbit hole you are thinking about going down.

Cans are like potato chips, you cant stop at one. Be warned...

My advice is buy Two cans. One for pistols (a 45 can makes sense there) AND a rifle can (30cal gives the most versatility).

Thats what i did. My first was a AAC 762sdn6 and mounts for all my AR’s and 308 boltguns.
My second was a SWR Octane in 45. That let me shoot 45, 40, and 9 (40 SUCKS thru a suppressor). I even tried 22lr thru it. Not a good match :-(.

So, then i got a cpl 22lr cans, another rifle can (300blk), another pistol can (a “mini” for HD use). Not to mention the whole SBR thing... i started a stamp collection. Lol

Like i said its a deep hole.
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