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Supressor advice please

Going to SBR my Evo Scorpion and add a suppressor. This will be my first foray into AFT forms.

Since I'm just getting started I plan on buying a .45 caliber suppressor. One size will fit all for now. I'm aware of pistons needed for pistol caliber but plan on using this on my AR's as well.

Being this will be my first and 'one size fits all (for now)' suppressor, what would those who have gone before me suggest? Afraid to buy a $399 can and have it fall apart or just be unhappy with it otherwise. I would like to keep purchase price around $800. I also would like to have the ability for a quick detach for AR style flash hiders. I understand this could pose a problem for pistols, but I'd like to have my cake and eat it too. Titanium can would be great, but being this will be primarily on rifles, its no a huge concern. Just want a quality, best bang for the buck can, I can use universally. Biggest caveat is it be a .45. I may go full bore in the future and buy caliber specific cans, but for now, this is what I want. Oh yeah, full auto rated.

I've youtube'd enough to know different cans are a bit quieter than other. Also know there are probably good questions I don't know enough to ask.

So, I'd like to hear from those who know more than me and have swam in that pool for a while. Advice please.
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