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Stay the course

It means what it means. When NICS ran your information there were records disqualifying you from acquiring a firearm. It could be a name match with a felon, immigration status, old court case with missing disposition or even a pending DWI.
A friend of mine was denied at a gun-show and he was really surprised as no reason was given. Three days later, he was accepted and again, no reason was given on his first attempt.

I like the Iowa system that issues you a Pistol buying permit after a waiting period of 3-days and $5.00 which is good for year. On a carry permit, there are a variety of ways to go with this but if you pass the background check you will get your permit on no more than 30-days and a fee. ….

If for whatever reason you are denied, they are obligated to tell you why and then perhaps you can take steps to clear the problem. ….

Be Safe !!!
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