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I just did a quick check and it turns out Oregon is a point of contact state for NICS checks - in other words the check goes through the state, who probably uses the same database but applies their judgement and possibly uses other pieces of information only they would have access to locally.

Soooo, you should investigate how things work in your own state, but if the state is doing the check usually you are not going to have to go through a formal appeals process to figure out what is going on - my strong recommendation is to lookup a lawyer that deals in firearms law locally and call them. It sucks to have to do this but unfortunately it can be part of the cost of owning guns.

A personal story of mine, during such a delay I consulted a lawyer, signed a release form, and the state agency doing the check was contacted regarding what was going on with check. Within an hour, almost simultaneously I both got a "proceed" along with a brief explanation of what was dragging things out, as well as information stating the error causing the confusion had been corrected. That cost me < $200 and was worth every penny. So, my .02 - call a lawyer.
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