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I've shot steel plate competition for years. I've seen some serious injuries result from using the incorrect steel in reactive targets. If you're going to shoot steel targets with any handgun or rifle, in any caliber, get some AR500 steel targets to shoot at. I used to use practice targets of 1/4" steel and after shooting at them for a while with .22lr they became concave. At that point they're really dangerous. I went to a shoot out of state one time and saw the match director take an almost full 9mm splash back from a non AR500 target at 25 yards and it completely penetrated his frontal sinus cavity and lodged in the sinuses. I know there are lots of people on here who will tell you how to angle them, you're safe with mild steel, "I do it all the time", etc., but I'm telling you that after many, many years of shooting steel targets I've seen injuries that ranged from mild to serious and in every case someone said "it never happened before". Invest in some AR500 targets, wear eye protection, and be safe.
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