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Originally Posted by jwrowland77
pistol? Rifle?
+1. And target? run&gun?

Start here:

Then use Google to find matches in your area.

Some events take a lot of financial investment to get into, and aren't likely to be the best place to start. Events that come to mind here are 3-gun, benchrest rifle, F-class rifle.

The most affordable handgun matches to start with would be Rimfire Steel and GSSF (if you've already got a Glock).

If you're interested in target pistol, you could start shooting Bullseye matches with a .22 to see if you want to stick with it.

The easiest entry into target rifle shooting would be Rimfire Sporter, though matches aren't all that easy to find.

If you're wanting to shoot in a run&gun type match, IDPA would be a good place place to start. I'd definitely skip 3-gun until you've got a solid foundation in either IDPA or USPSA.
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