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How do you remove the neck without tearing the brass? Thats a whole quater inch of diameter stretching. And how are you adding the rim?

I can't reload, my current living situation prevents that. I really wish I could, but there would be problems with my roommates. Kind of like the reason I got my gun safe; one day, one of them said, "If I hear someone breaking into my car, and you aren't here, I'll get one of your shotguns and go get them."

If there was someone that made a bunch of these, either model, at a reasonable price (1200 to 1500?) and sold some ammo, could do a lot of business. Maybe 900 or so if the customer provided the Savage gun... You have about what, 900-1k in this, plus time (10-15 hours?) and ammo?

I realld don't have the ability to make of these, but would love to give one a good home. Regular feedings and waterings would be no problem, along with regular excercise.....
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