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Yeah, yeah, I know. I keep 3 rounds of 223 on a shelf in the study. Next to them are some foam earplugs and next to the rifle are some good soundreducing earmuffs. The wife was saying "hurry, hurry", so I just left that stuff behind. All my fault. I just had no idea how the noise would bounce down off the carport ceiling. Ouch! That was REALLY bad. Now I've hung the earmuffs off the rifle itself. Can't pick up the rifle without the hearing protection.

I think I'm going to not take ISTSFODD's advice about shooting the 50 so that I will no longer hear the 223. I'm actually quite sure that'll work, but also sure that it isn't the best idea I've heard today.

Anyway, I went to the safe and got my Marlin 39A.
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