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The only .32 I run H110/W296 in, is .327 Federal, and only in one 'full house' load.
Otherwise, it sticks to larger cartridges, where it performs much better.

In .32 H&R, Lil' Gun is a much better choice, and most 'standard' pistol powders make much better all-around choices (Herco, Unique, Bullseye, HS-6, W231/HP-38, Titegroup, Universal, Green Dot, AA #2, Power Pistol, WSF, True Blue, 800-X, AA #5, etc.). Lil' Gun is right next to H110/W296 on most burn rate charts, but it responds differently in long, skinny cartridges than in the "closed bomb" testing done for standard burn rate charts.

So, for the 100 gr RNFP... I still wouldn't use W296.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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