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296 is not likely to work well in that load. (Probably one of the reasons no one has similar data.)
9+ grains is likely to exhibit extreme pressures, if the bullet is seated properly (deeply); and leaving a large air space is not a good idea with H110/W296.
And, that bullet can't handle the velocity you would encounter, anyway.

Add it all up: Bad idea.

You need a faster burn rate, and a smaller charge weight. Powders better suited for the job: Herco, Bullseye, Unique, W231/HP-38, Titegroup, and similar.
Other than Titegroup, those powders should get you in the ballpark of 700-750 fps with 2.5-3.0 gr, and the wadcutter seated nearly flush with the case mouth.

Wadcutters are designed and intended to be seated deep in the case, and for use at low velocity (700-900 fps). Trying to do things outside their original design intent is usually just a waste of time (if not a bad idea).

My personal .32 H&R wadcutter load uses the Hornady 90 gr HBWC, seated with 0.030" out of the case, on top of 3.1 gr Unique. It gets me to about 800 fps in a 5.5" barrel, and about 750 fps in a 4" barrel.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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