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Lots of great advise.Small game hunting is about what you enjoy.What are your priorities?

I sold it,but I made a .36 muzzleloader with a Douglas bbl that shot ragged hole groups at 50 yds,patched round ball.

Right now in rifles,I have an Anschutz Jr Varminter that is a real nice .22.

I have a Brno/CZ semi-auto 22 WMR with a 6x Burris compact on it.It is nice.too
I just bought a little Chipmunk in 22WMR.Its small,but I think it will be fun.

The target grade Ruger semi-auto handgun with one of those mini optic sights might be great.

I have a Ruger single six,Bisley grip,adj sights in .32 H+R.The Fiocchi 32 S=W wadcutter loads would be great on small game.

An old Marlin 39 lever rifle might be fun,

The one that was a prize,a Remington 513-S model.Like a 513-t but a 27 in heavy sporter bbl.They only made 3000 some back in the50's.It had a Weaver K-4 on it.

I gave it to my son-in law with this condition.

When you and my daughter have children,you will raise them in the tradition of the second ammendment.Sure is a rabbit head popper!
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