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If you search you will find articles debunking the statistics of "Handgun Stopping Power" by Marshall and Sanow. Based on statistical tests of Marshall and Sanow data, it is apparent they made their data up.

I remember reading about the "Strasbourg" Goat tests, and that may have been also a fraud.

Fackler sort of dismisses the concept of "one shot stopping power", unless the bullet hits the nervous system, the subject will still be around till he bleeds out. Fackler points out that blood loss is 100% fatal.

As for shooting goats, I know the Army shot Goats, and ballistic gelatin in the report "Wound Ballistics Assessment of the .30 Cal Ball, Carbine, M1, and an experimental .22 cal ball, carbine", Dec 1954.

Pigs have also been used as test subjects in wound testing. I also read that the Army took human heads and shot them with .223’s to evaluate the lethality of the .223 Remington, this was back in the 60’s. These things, and animal experiments, are not discussed as it upsets people. The tests that La Garde ran, shooting cattle with handguns till they dropped, would not be allowed in today’s society.
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