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Most of the Baikals I've seen at the club ...and have shouldered...had some cast to the right - on them.....but they weren't consistent from gun to gun...the quality of these guns ( and not to pick on our buddy Slugo ) ...was dismal, in my opinion.

The last one we were trying to evaluate - one of the members, that doesn't shoot a lot, bought one for his girlfriend to shoot/ it was used and cheap - a 20ga version ...and it had quite a bit of cast to the right ( so it was Cast Off ) ...and it was too much for this lady...

When we took it to the pattern board ...with some full chokes in it ...both barrels were hitting spots about 15" apart was high, one was low...and one was to the left one was to the right ...about all we could suggest was to consider having the stock "bent" a little - and see if that helped ...but I think he sold it...and cut his losses - because the last time I saw her, she was shooting a gas operated semi-auto ...
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