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I bought a Remington SPR310 about a month ago. It shot well but the action was very stiff and the auto saftey was a pia. So..... a little research on the internet and I found out that by cutting 5 or 6 coils off the extractor springs, and you now have a Berreta like action, and if you want to eject instead of just extract the shells will go 4 feet instead of 12 feet.

As for the auto safety, you remove a bar that goes between the safety and the part that cocks the hammers when you open the action, and no more auto saftey.

Ya, these guns are built like a tank, its Russian.

I had to completly cover the the clay bird with straight away targets, so I added a 1/2" stick-on riser from Brownells. Now it shoots more like a trap gun.

Last week I shot a 24 with it. My highest score ever.
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