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What you might not understand some find value in actual features and functions. Who is shooting out a S&W equivalent of the MR73 in the 586 or 686? No one.

So that the MR73 is stronger than the 686...who cares? A case from a 357 that fails is going to fail the revolver. There doesn't exist an over pressure 357 by DT, Underwood, or BB that is going to kill a GP100 or 686.

The MR73 is expensive because a person hand de-burs it for 12 hours and how it built. Okay...but did that actually add a function? no. Did it add a feature of the pistol? yes.

Is the single action trigger on a S&W have anything wrong with it? Nope. So what does the MR73 bring for single action? Nothing.

It's cool. People are going to buy it. Is it worth it outside of collecting? Absolutely not. No feature makes it stand out as 3 times the cost.

I can understand purchasing for collective reasons. Meh, seems interesting. I don't find it visually more appealing than a 586 though...
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