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I got my Diablo last month (ordered in January) and have only had it out on the range once.
40 grain loads of Pyrodex & #4 shot made a very mild boom with all 14 or 21 balls hitting inside the torso of a B25 target at 7 yards. 7 #4 shot makes a perfect layer, one ball in the center surrounded by six, & weighs 1/3 oz.
Took some closer shots at paper plates on the ground and it shredded ‘em pretty good.
Going to move the charge up to 50gr & see how it does this Sunday when I’m meeting up with my shooting buddy for some range time.
Was thinking of one barrel full of rock salt & the other with an oz of #4-I know blasting someone with rock salt could raise some legal issues but it’s fun to think about

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