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Thanks for the feedback and input, folks. A coupla things....

First, no 410s. The idea here is to acquire a shoulder arm chambered for a cartridge we already have. As you may imagine, ammo logistics here is already as complicated as Sicilian politics. Ammo here now includes 45 ACP, 38SPL and 357 Mag, 30-30, 22 LR, 12 and 20 ga, and supplies for 45 and 50 caliber Muzzleloaders.

I've played with various lever actions from an original Winchester 73 in 44-40, to a Model 92 in 38-40 to a Marlin 44 Mag. Used within their range limits, excellent weapons, especially for those that do not handle kick well. 'nother possibility is something like Marlin's camp carbine in 45 ACP, but I'm not sure that one is of sufficient durability and reliability for the mission.

Frosty, after one war, three prison riots and a couple of Cub Scout camping trips,I can stay calm and focused through darn near anything. The family's a different matter, but training helps. So does example.

Communications is an area I should have mentioned. There's a CB Base station dismantled in the basement and a couple of car units. Cell phones for all adults. Lots of batteries, a couple of chargers.

Spare cash? Plastic will work short of Armageddon, and someone with all these guns can find cash if needed(G)...
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