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Will Beararms...

The 12 gauge is a great tool when you KNOW you have a problem coming and it involves close-range (e.g., household distances). Again, knowing HOW and WHEN to use it is key. The pistol is best when you don't know that trouble is coming.

Let me explain. Some anti-gun people have asked me (among others) (loosely paraphrased), "Why are you carrying a handgun? Are you expecting trouble?" My answer is, "No, I am not expecting trouble". They in turn ask, "Then why are you carrying a gun if you are not expecting trouble?" My reply is, "I am carrying a handgun because I am NOT expecting trouble. If I WAS expecting trouble, I would be carrying a rifle or shotgun in addition to my handgun." Many cannot get past this point and the discussion generally deteriorates from there into meaningless accusations.

In today's society, one cannot usually carry a full-sized shoulder arm everywhere you go. In fact, it may be much more trouble than it is worth. The handgun is best thought of as a constant companion which can be easily and discreetly carried, thereby insuring that you have a firearm handy in the fortunately rare circumstances where you might need a weapon. If you constantly and repeatedly go into locations where you might need a heavier firearm, you may want to re-evaluate your carrying habits OR your need to go into those places. But this is not the subject I want to discuss.

Each tool has it's place. The handgun is best for easy, discreet carry for those times you either do not expect trouble or when your finely tuned senses fail to detect trouble early enough for you to beat a safe retreat. The shotgun (or rifle) is the much better choice for those times when you know you have a problem to deal with.

But, from your previous responses, I think you already know this.
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