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How's this for an into?

Not trying to steal any limelight...but have been thinking and watching and talking with folks since 9/11 and have seen some encouraging, and some puzzling, behavior. So I would start off with something like the following, which probably could be improved anyway... I hope I'm not coming on too strong here; I'm very RKBA but I also think we need to take what we do seriously (but hopefully not ourselves!


A gun is not a magic token or talisman. It is only a tool, like many others. You must first look inside yourself and answer honestly the question whether you are willing to assume responsibility for your own well-being. (You should then ask whether you are willing to be responsible for your family's, and your neighbors', and your country's, well-being, but this begins inside.)

If you are willing to assume responsibility for your own well-being, then a gun might be a good tool as part of what should be a broader effort to take responsibility for the world around you, but please remember that even in highly trained hands, a gun can solve only a limited number of problems. There are many other areas that need your attention, as well.

If you choose to own a gun for defensive purposes, you should also take that responsibility seriously. Remember that a gun cannot defend you, but you can use a gun to defend yourself. And, while a gun can do great good when used with skill and responsibility, it can do great harm if used carelessly or if misused. This means you need to take training seriously. Seek and obtain qualified, professional training, and follow up with self-directed practice. Renew your training at least annually. Make sure that you receive qualified instruction also in the laws of self defense. If you are not willing to make these commitments (and to follow up on them), you should reconsider owning a firearm for defensive purposes.

We hope that you will take these steps, and join us. If you do, you will probably find that the biggest difference is a changed mindset. We welcome you.
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