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Your personal experiences pre- and post-Sept 11 show just how smart Mr. Rudyard Kipling was when he wrote,

"For it's Tommy this and Tommy that .
And chuck 'im out, the brute.
But it's Thank You Mr. Thompkins
When the guns begin to shoot."

Your answers show a high degree of common sense. Unfortunately most anti-gun people regard common sense as paranoia, even as they will use the same dangers of the world as reasons for you NOT to have a gun. A curious dichotomy which they cannot defend other than to attack you.

One point that can never be overstressed is that merely having a firearm will not protect you. Having a firearm and knowing HOW and WHEN to use it can provide you with an effective means of protection against many dangers. Maybe not against a plane, but then, it that the ONLY danger we will facein the future?
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