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here is a brief article I used at the time
Aaah, the good ol' Daily Mail. Reliably scaring Middle-England in their suburbs for the last 30 years. Not saying what they wrote is wrong, but they do like to sensationalise!!

Here is my source. Very interesting site. Bit morbid, mind...

I found it here. I mis-quoted. The rates were 6.5 and 1.1 respectively. There are also stats on all the other killers: heart disease, cancer etc. All very cheerful...

I hate to say it, but it certainly looks like a case for the "gun-control" crowd.
I think that is where the problem is. People try to promote it as an antidote to crime. It is not. Not for me, anyway.

I have a licence that for self and property defence and concealed carry. Handguns, long arms, anything up to semi-auto.
The laws here are pretty relaxed by EU standards.

Yet the crime rate here is one of the highest of the EU countries. Murder rate is the highest, I believe.

For me, promoting freer access to legal gun ownership is about a right to being able to defend oneself irrespective of crime rates, not that certain social stats warrant a gun.

If a family man is faced with the two meat-heads in his living room and he's only got a rusty claw-hammer, he's not going to give two hoots about whether his country's got a crime rate of 50% or 5%. He'll be thinking "Oooooh .....!"

But of course some could argue it was due to different cultures and such.
I absolutely believe that one reason that comparing countries this way is counter-productive is the cultural aspect. Culture is, after all, the guiding system to our social behaviours.

It is easy to forget, given the common language, that the US, the UK, Australie, New Zealand etc are all very different cultures with different social values and demographies.
When the right to effective self-defence is denied, that right to self-defence which remains is essentially symbolic.
Freedom: Please enjoy responsibly.
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