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I am with Mykeal.

The R&S is quite a revolver. I gave 175.00 for mine with no box or papers but the weapon is like new. It is also a Euroarms. Fit and finish are excellent. I can't remember the year of manufacture of mine but the frame has taken on that nice cherry red color that is common in steel frame Remingtons from ASP. The previous owner bunged up one of the frame screws and I replaced the cylinder pin toggle. (It is a set up a good bit like the ROA.) I got parts from DGW and they worked perfectly.

I shoot .454s but I use number 10 caps with success.

The revolver appears to have a nasty tendancy for the loading lever screw to loosen up and drop out. Someone on this forum warned me about it and when I carefully and repeatedly checked the screw, my observation confirmed their warning. Maybe some lock tight.

You will not be unhappy with it.

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