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Got my free sample in 2 days. I wish some of the stuff that I actually paid for would be shipped so promptly.

FWIW, I've been using FP-10 almost exclusively for the past 2 years and all of the guns are clean when the sample arrived. Here's what I noticed:

- The GLOCK 21 that I normally carry in a SafePacker has the dull black finish on it. With FP-10, I noticed the gun is usually "dry" after a couple of days. I cleaned and wiped down the G21 with Weapon Shield a week ago and it is still showing a sheen and it definitely feels slick to the touch. +1 for Weapon Shield.

- I normally swap and brush the barrel with Hoppe's No. 9. Prior to final assembly, I run a patch with FP-10 through the barrel, followed by several dry patches. The FP-10 patch usually brings out a bit more gunk from the barrel. When I run Weapon Shield through the clean barrels, I did not see any more gunks on the patch. This suggests FP-10 was doing a very good job. Until I get a chance to try Weapon Shield on a dirty barrel, it is a draw between FP-10 and Weapon Shield.

- I'm in the process of breaking in a Baer TRS and have been using FP-10 on it since day one. When I took it out of the safe, the TRS is still wet with FP-10 from its prior cleaning. I hand cycled the slide and noticed the action is slightly gritty and it still requires significant effort to take the gun out of battery. After field stripping and re-lube the TRS with Weapon Shield, the action is noticeably smoother and can be unlocked much easier than before. The TRS is still tight, but it now takes noticeably less effort to unlock it. +1 for Weapon Shield.

I'm impressed with what I've seen so far and definitely will be ordering some Weapon Shield even though I still have a brand new 16 oz. bottle of FP-10 sitting on the shelf. Thank you again for a great product!

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