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My first use with WeaponShield:

Started cleaning the cosmolene off of a couple of milsurp rifles I recently bought. Used Hoppe's as my usual cleaning agent for this. It did it's job well. There may be other's better, but I just like Hoppe's. Used WeaponShield afterwards to see if it would pick up stuff any extra. It didn't...

The viscosity, for my taste, is a little bit on the thick side. I don't care for Hoppe's oil, and it somewhat came close to the same "viscosity". I really like Eezox's consistency. However, the odor of WeaponShield is the tops. Very mild cinnamon type scent. Low, low odor...

After cleaning the bolt and action of one of the rifles, I didn't really see any better results than I would expect from any other quality lube. It, by no means was bad, just cycled well.

Some points to consider:

1. I only used this on old milsurp rifles that compared to today's high tolerance machining, it's rather crude. I didn't expect it to turn my Mosin from a dump truck to a Ferrari.
2. I was cleaning a gun with cosmolene coated on it. Underneath, this gun was already amazingly clean. I don't think my evaluation should be taken any further than what I stated so far. The gun didn't come back from the range dirty with powder residue and corrosive agents in the barrel. It was already a very clean rifle.
3. The bottle quantity was FULL. Not just 2/3 full. FULL! The bottle, however, had somewhat stiff walls and was a little tricky to get more than a drop, but not flood the patch. I didn't care for the nozzle tip size nor the lack of reach advantage. I did like the easy twist open/close similar to a mustard bottle.
4. I need to perform many more tests before I can give an accurate, full assessment, but this is what I've experienced so far...
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