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Sure, why not compare the two. IIRC Vanguards are Howa's. Read about them and the Savage before you buy. Dry fire both and try the triggers. Work the bolts. Handle them and see which you like the best. If there's any way at all to fire either or both before you buy, that would be great too.

Nothing wrong with stainless. But you'll still need to clean the rifle. The stainless is nice if you hunt for an extended time in bad weather. Otherwise, no real advantage in my mind. Some people like the look, I can take it or leave it.

The really low priced rifles aren't throwaway, they're not likely to ever actually wear out. They're just not as high quality in areas that matter to a lot of people. I.E. stocks can be not so hot, triggers not so hot, fit and finish not so hot, smoothness of action not so hot, etc. And most of them don't have upgrades available for the not so hot bits.
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