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Brentfoto - The other source could be correct. He/she could own one with a similar s/n and have had it "lettered" from the factory to find the ship date. 1927 sounds as good an estimate as you can get without a letter. I overlooked that your gun is very probably pre-1930, that exact type of ejector rod cap was changed that year. The Nahas/Supica book will not provide any more specific date for you, but will explain the changes in the model from 1899 to now. It is an excellent book you will enjoy even if it can't answer your specific question.

Andy W - your gun could have been made in 1900, 1942, 1948, or 1968. The serial numbers repeated, so without a picture to see details, or details described on it like earlier in this thread, it's not possible to say. Later guns will have a letter code a few places in front of the number, like "C 17862." Early guns will have the serial number repeated in multiple places - under the barrel, on the cylinder face, under the star, and on the butt. If it were of the earliest date, (1900) it would have a round butt, not a square.
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