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I dropped two antelope within about 5 minutes last month. There was snow on the ground, which is arguably a modifier, but not a huge one.
.270 Win 18.5" w/ Harvester .300 suppressor and Hornady American Whitetail 130 gr. (I normally shoot reloads, but I was in a pinch.)

Myself and my brother next to me thought the report sounded like a (supersonic) .22 Short out of a rifle. The bullet impact was louder (even at 350-400 yd).

My other brother, about 300 yards away and with no line of sight to me but almost line-of-sight to the animals, only heard the bullet impact on the animal closest to him. He didn't hear the first impact or either report.
My father, about 450 yards away (better position), heard nothing. He had no idea that I had fired, let alone that I had dropped two goats with two shots several minutes apart.

Their shots (unsuppressed)? We heard everything ... even from 1/2 mile away.
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