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Rifle rounds are supersonic. Because they are supersonic, the bullets actually make a supersonic "boom" or "crack" as they travel through the air. In addition, even subsonic bullets make a ripping/tearing/whooshing/zipping noise as they pass through the air.

A silencer/muffler/moderator/suppressor can reduce the muzzle blast (the sound of high-pressure gases escaping out of the muzzle behind the bullet) but it can't do anything about the supersonic crack or the noise of the bullet passing through the air.

Trying to reproduce the relative volume of the various types of shooting noises on video or audio is nearly impossible as virtually all recording/playback devices are going to reduce very loud noises and probably amplify very quiet noises as part of the recording playback process. This means that on a video of someone shooting a gun, their voice might sound just as loud as the report of the firearm they are shooting. And the supersonic crack probably isn't distinguishable from the muzzle blast near the firearm.
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