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What you hear on the range isn't what you hear

in the field.

Some of the info and/or video recording stuff is a bit deceiving as to how suppressors really perform in the open. Of course some folks only shoot on a range but I use the mufflers for various types of hunting and have found the "sound level" varies according to weather, wind, and background.
When choosing a can, your usage may allow some choices beyond just the "quietest" or most efficient.

My Grandson shot a deer during youth season with the 6x45mm using the 30 cal Harvestor muffler. Son heard the "whoosh or hiss" of the bullet but not the muzzle blast from 1/2 mile away in the still nearly dead silence of the early morning.
Granddaughter shot a buck with the shorty 300AAC using the same muffler during late afternoon with some wind and dry moving air and observers 1/4 mile away heard nothing.
Bullet speed was a factor but from personal observation, supersonic bullet sound is more noticeable than muzzle blast even when shooting smaller bullets through a 30 cal muffler.
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