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My self defense question in a situation where police were ordered to stand down or simply overwhelmed and unable to help . Should the self defense , stand your ground or what ever it may be called be loosened in some instances .

When I think of a riot , mob and or a large group of people coming down a/your street destroying property and physically assaulting people as they move forward towards you . I wonder what can I do to defend my self and family . What about disparity of force , and how does that play into a self defense situation where there is a mob of people moving towards you committing act of violence as a group . No not everyone in the group in doing so but at the same time it seems pretty random who is doing what at any given time . This means it's almost impossible to distinguish any one person that will do you harm but you are 100% sure if "they" get close enough to make contact with you you will most certainly be physically harmed by at least one person in that group if not just simply trampled to death .

At what point do you as the "protester"/rioter need to take responsibility to not be there if uncontrollable violence is happening by the "same" group/gang you are supporting in that moment . Shouldn't the crowd / protester / gang / rioters / mod be considered one entity rather then a group of individual people in respect to another citizen using self defense against said crowd .

I believe that's how the prosecutors and law enforcement are treating many of the "protester" at the capital building . I heard they are looking for anyone that entered the capital build and prosecute them . I'm sure there were hundreds of protesters there that day that entered through a door they had no idea was violently breached 20min before . To them it just looked like an open door they could go in just like everyone else was walking in at the time and they just want to go in and wave a sign . Yet they will be treated in court as if they violently entered the building .

That might have been a poor analogy but my general point is the same . Can a crowd ever be considered one entity and be treated as such when defending ones self ? I ask because in all my CCW classes and other self defense classes I've taken . The disparity of force is always brought up . It's usually in an example of 3 or 4 younger men moving towards one older person/women aggressively . At what greater number of aggressors does disparity of force no longer apply ? It just seems odd to me that 4 aggressors are considered more dangerous then 50 . Keeping in mind the cops where told to stand down or unable to help .
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